Family violence front-line workers receive valuable training

September 27, 2012
News Releases

YELLOWKNIFE (September 27, 2012) -- People who assist and support those affected by family violence have come together from across the Northwest Territories to receive training and information and learn from each other.

“Through our partnership with the Department of Health and Social Services, we have a commitment to quality training for front-line workers,” said Justice Minister Glen Abernethy. “Through focused workshops like these, workers learn to be as effective as possible. Additionally, each person received a day-long presentation about how to ensure they are giving proper consideration to their own self-care, as we know the dangers of compassion fatigue run high in their lines of work.”

The three-day training continues to fulfill recommendations from the 2011 evaluation of the Protection Against Family Violence Act, as well as the GNWT’s commitment to address how working with victims of crime affects workers both professionally and personally.

Front-line responders from the RCMP, shelter workers, and victim services heard from professionals on the nature of violence and the best ways to respond to victims and perpetrators.  After learning best-practice concepts, participants were able to apply them in role-play through safety planning, victim impact statements and emergency protection order applications.

The main presenter, Dr. Allan Wade, spoke at École St. Patrick High School and to the public on September 24. These talks focused on the language people use when talking about violence and the effect that has on victims of violence and on offenders.

“We all need to be aware of the influence and impact of our words when we talk about the harm of spousal and partner assault,” said Minister of Health and Social Services Tom Beaulieu. “It’s not an abusive relationship, we need to call assault what it is. It’s time to bring the issue of family violence into the light where we can talk and have people understand this is not just a personal family matter.”

The GNWT continues to support and provide training opportunities for front-line workers so they are better able to assist victims of violence.  Training and public presentations were made possible through the contributions and support of the Departments of Justice and Health and Social Services, the YWCA of Yellowknife, and the Native Women’s Association of NWT.

For more information, contact:

Sue Glowach
Department of Justice

Damien Healy
Department of Health and Social Services