Family Violence - Results of the Strength-Based Community Inquiry

Ministers' Statements and Speeches

February 10, 2011 - The Minister of Justice, Jackson Lafferty, announced the release of a new documentary released by the Department of Justice.


Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to report the release of the DVD documentary: “Non-Violence: A Strength-Based Community Inquiry”, which was developed as part of the GNWT Family Violence Action Plan: Phase 2. Implementing Phase 2 of the plan was one of the activities the Government of the Northwest Territories identified under the Building Our Future initiative of our strategic plan as a way to achieve this Assembly’s goal of sustainable, vibrant and safe communities.

Violence has a devastating effect on our people and communities and is compromising our collective future. Over time, we have learned that finding the road back to our healthy ways isn’t going to happen by focusing on what is wrong or broken in people - we will find our way back by recognizing and building on the strengths that people have. A strength-based approach listens closely to what is important to people in their decisions to live a non-violent life.

This documentary was premised on a strength-based approach and looks at what works in a person, a family and in a community. It is a wonderful collection of northern men’s personal experiences of non-violence, compassion, strength and human potential. This documentary confirms that deciding to use non-violent behaviour is a personal choice and taking responsibility for one’s own behaviour is the first step.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the people who participated in the making of the documentary, especially those who shared their personal knowledge and experiences. It is my hope that this documentary will serve as a useful tool to any person or organization addressing violence in the North, and helping people, families and communities to support the choice of non-violence. This documentary video is being distributed across the North and is now available on the Department of Justice web site.






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