GNWT releases NWT Seniors’ Strategic Framework

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Yellowknife — September 29, 2023

Minister Responsible for Seniors, Julie Green, released the NWT Seniors’ Strategic Framework today. The Strategic Framework provides a foundation for improving programs, services, and initiatives for seniors to better meet their needs.

The development of the NWT Seniors’ Strategic Framework involved a comprehensive process, including  a literature review, analysis of statistical data and engagement with seniors, their caregivers and families, non-government organizations, as well as community and Indigenous Governments.

The Strategic Framework outlines twenty key areas of focus, organized into four intersecting pillars: built environment, healthy aging, safety, and information and communication. Advancing theese areas will be instrumental in ensuring seniors can age in place with dignity.

To effectively implement the Strategic Framework, it is important to foster coordination and collaboration across governments, with communities and seniors groups. This collective effort will be pivotal in advancing the GNWT’s commitment to the well-being and quality of life for seniors in the NWT.


“Meeting the diverse needs of seniors to enable them to age in place with dignity is a top priority for the 19th Legislative Assembly. The NWT Strategic Framework will guide the work of the next Assembly to ensure that our programs and services are responsive to their reality, respects their interests, needs, and abilities and enhances their opportunities to age in place with dignity.”

- Julie Green, Minister Responsible for Seniors

Quick facts

  • The GNWT is committed to enabling seniors to age in place with dignity, recognizing the value they bring to our communities.
  • Aging in place means having access to necessary services and supports to live independently and safely in one's home or community.
  • The development of the NWT Seniors’ Strategic Framework involved extensive engagement with seniors, caregivers, NGOs, and community and Indigenous governments, along with a review of literature and statistical data.
  • The Strategic Framework identifies 20 areas of focus to enhance the ability of NWT seniors to age in place with dignity.
  • These are organized into four intersecting pillars: Built Environment, Healthy Aging, Safety, and Information and Communication.
  • Seniors expressed their desire to age in place and identified the need for financial and practical assistance supports (i.e., non-medical such as housekeeping, snow removal, grocery shopping), health and home care services, housing options, and inclusive treatment with respect and dignity.
  • Specific concerns raised by seniors included affordability of living, housing challenges, access to healthcare, homecare, mental health services, and financial and practical assistance supports, and the negative impact of COVID-19 on social and recreational activities.
  • Statistical data and research confirmed the challenges faced by seniors, including low-income levels, housing issues, chronic health conditions, and minimal changes in government programs and services since 2019.
  • Enabling aging in place requires a whole-of-government approach and collaboration with various stakeholders.
  • The Strategic Framework aligns with the domains of age-friendly communities and emphasizes the importance of coordination and collaboration across government and with communities.
  • The Strategic Framework builds upon past and ongoing initiatives to meet the diverse needs of seniors in the NWT.

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