Have Your Say on the Child and Youth Counselling (CYC) program

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — March 1, 2023

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has begun an evaluation of the Child and Youth Counselling (CYC) program, formerly called the Child and Youth Care Counselling (CYCC) program.

Child and Youth Counsellors are in Northwest Territories (NWT) schools and communities to provide direct mental health and wellness services to children, youth and their families.

The GNWT wants to improve access to mental health and wellness supports to ensure programs and services are meeting the needs of students.

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine how effective the CYC program and its implementation in all NWT schools and communities has been.

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment has retained the services of a third-party contractor, DPRA Canada Inc., to lead the evaluation.

Between March and April 2023, DPRA will be interviewing volunteers – including children, together with their parent or guardian, youth and families who have used the CYC program – as well as those who have not accessed the program but have ideas about how to improve access to Child and Youth Counsellors and school-based mental health supports for children and youth. This opportunity builds on ongoing engagement with partners as part of the CYC evaluation. 

DPRA will then present its findings to the GNWT and may provide recommendations for program improvements. 

Anyone who would like to take part in the evaluation can email cyc@dpra.ca, call 1-888-292-0084 or text 867-446-4873.

For more information, visit: Child and Youth Counselling (CYC) Program Evaluation.


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