Julie Green: Proof of Vaccination Credential

Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Yellowknife — November 24, 2021

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Mr. Speaker, it is becoming more common for people to be asked to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. As a result, the GNWT has worked diligently to make sure that NWT residents have a safe, secure proof of vaccination document that is accepted across the country and internationally.

We have been working with governments across the country to develop a standardized vaccine certificate that NWT residents can use to show they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, including for air travel, as new federal regulations come into effect. The NWT proof of vaccination credential has been tested and accepted by the Canadian Border Service Agency.

Through this work, Mr. Speaker, residents now have easy and secure access to their own health information. With the proof of vaccination credential, we are able to resume some semblance of pre-pandemic life.

The process for getting the certificate was designed to be as convenient as possible, while ensuring that people’s privacy is protected, and health records are secure. We encourage all residents, who can do so, to download their
proof of vaccination credential online. The GNWT has also made in-person options available in all communities across the territory. You can now request your proof of vaccination by filling out the online form on the GNWT website, submitting a request by email, or requesting it through your health centre. I want to thank the staff from the Department of Finance, Health and Social Services and the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority for their excellent work on the design, delivery, and implementation of this important tool.

Vaccination is a vital resource for public health management. It is still our best weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 vaccines have been available here in the territory, our government has and continues to encourage all residents to get vaccinated. Of course, if a resident of the Northwest Territories does not want to get vaccinated, that is their choice.

For those who have chosen to help protect themselves and their community by getting vaccinated, the proof of vaccination credential gives them the tool to prove their vaccination status wherever it may be required, whether it is the gym, community hall, airport, or their employer.

The NWT-wide gathering order currently in place provides the opportunity for businesses and community organizations to use the proof of vaccination credential to increase the number of people who can access services or activities. This program provides confidence to residents who have chosen to protect themselves by getting vaccinated.

Like many governments, businesses, and organizations around the world, the GNWT and many other employers in the territory, have introduced vaccine mandates, to protect employees and those they serve.

Thanks to this new credential, residents can quickly, reliably, and securely prove their vaccination status to anyone who requires it.

Mr. Speaker, in closing I want to encourage all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It is the best protection against the virus, and it is readily available in every community health centre or public health unit in the NWT.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.