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February 17, 2011 - During Session, the Minister of Education, Culture, and Employment, Jackson Lafferty, announced the launch of the Minister’s Cultural Circle.


Mr. Speaker, the Department of Education, Culture and Employment is pleased to announce the launch of the Minister’s Cultural Circle.

This Circle recognizes those who contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultures and heritage in the Northwest Territories. The Circle aligns with this Assembly’s goal to “Strengthen awareness of our northern identity and uniqueness by promoting our successes, our culture, our arts, and our languages with a proud and unified voice.”

It highlights achievements and commitments of local cultural leaders, practitioners and groups. It recognizes grassroots community-based projects as well as regional and territorial initiatives. The welcome of ideal candidates into the Cultural Circle stems from a public nomination process to identify people, groups and organizations who are recognized and respected in their communities or regions for their wisdom and cultural contributions.

Nominees will be welcomed into the Minister’s Cultural Circle annually. Consideration will be given to any project, organization or person residing in the Northwest Territories who demonstrates a high level of commitment and makes an outstanding contribution to the promotion of culture and heritage.

Three categories of recognition are proposed:

  • Elders respected for their contributions of practice, promotion, guidance, teaching, leadership, vision, and hands-on participation in the areas of culture, heritage and language.

  • Any organization, corporation, institution, organizing committee or social club that plays a lead role in the development and support of community-based events that celebrate, promote or preserve culture and heritage.

  • Youth, under 25 years of age, who demonstrate a strong commitment to engaging in cultural learning and practice.


Mr. Speaker, the Cultural Circle will help build awareness among all northerners about the importance of promoting, protecting and preserving our unique culture, heritage and ways of life. I look forward to welcoming inductees into the Cultural Circle at this year’s award ceremony.

Masi, Mr. Speaker.





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