Mr. Dave Grundy accepts the position of WSCC President and CEO

August 26, 2011
News Releases

August 26, 2011 - In a statement to the House, Minister responsible for the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission Robert McLeod announced the appointment of a new President and CEO.

The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission’s mission is to promote workplace safety and care for injured workers.  This mission is more than a statement.  It is the foundation for Commission employees’ work; building on the belief that through prevention, we can eliminate workplace injuries.

To achieve its mission, the Commission requires solid leadership.  Earlier this summer, the Governance Council of the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission selected a new President and CEO.  As of July 25, 2011, Mr.Dave Grundyaccepted the position ofWSCCPresident and CEO.  Working with the Commission for nine years, Mr. Grundy enhanced its focus on stakeholder service.  His strong leadership skills and Northern experience will assist the Commission as it moves forward, helping Northern employers build strong safety cultures.

I extend my congratulations to Mr. Grundy on his new position, and to the Commission for its continued efforts to improve workplace safety for all Northerners.

Thank you.