Buckle Up NWT winner Hay River to receive Leela Gilday concert

August 22, 2013
News Releases

HAY RIVER (August 22, 2013) – The community of Hay River has been named as the winner of a Leela Gilday concert to be held on September 7  at the golf course.  The community successfully fended off challenges by five other communities that had participated in the Buckle Up NWT challenge.

Hay River won the free concert by having the highest percentage of residents wearing their seat belts. 84% of Hay River residents were wearing their seat belts in a recent seat belt survey administered by the Department of Transportation.

As the winning community, Hay River will also receive a $5,000 contribution to the community’s fire department. Fire Chief Ross Porter led the community effort. “Our paid and on-call firefighters have been out promoting seat belt use in our community, and I’m glad to see our efforts have paid off,” he said. “The $5,000 prize for the fire department will be used to further improve safety in our community.”

Transportation Minister David Ramsay points out that it only takes a second to buckle up. “That second can save a lot of grief, pain and hardship,” he said. “Congratulations to Hay River. I hope the entire community – and especially those who contributed to this win by buckling up - enjoy Ms. Gilday’s extraordinary talent.”

“Congratulations to the efforts of our fire department in their initiatives to make Hay River a safer community in so many creative ways,” said Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen. “What a fun way to celebrate this achievement to share the amazing performing talent of Leela Gilday. I encourage everyone to attend the concert. Thank you to Minister Ramsay and the Department of Transportation for such an original idea.”

Robert Bouchard, MLA for Hay River North, said “I am excited to hear the public of Hay River have won the Buckle Up contest. Makes me proud that people are being safe on our streets. Great job Hay River!”

Tickets to the concert are free and available from the Town of Hay River municipal office or from any member of the Hay River Fire Department.

Seat belt use in the Northwest Territories, including Yellowknife, is now estimated to be 75%, which is still significantly lower than other jurisdictions. The next phase of the Buckle Up campaign, to be launched in 2014, will focus on the NWT’s 28 smallest communities with the objective of bringing overall seat belt usage in the NWT to at least 85% by the end of 2015. The long-term target of Buckle Up NWT is to bring seat belt usage in the Northwest Territories to above the Canadian national average of 95% by 2017. Almost half of all fatalities on NWT roads are attributable to failure to wear a seat belt.

Buckle Up NWT is a campaign of Drive Alive, the travel safety information program of the Government of Northwest Territories, administered by the Department of Transportation. Drive Alive supports the priorities of the 17th Assembly by investing in prevention, education and awareness to help ensure sustainable, vibrant and safe communities for the residents of the Northwest Territories.

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