Glen Abernethy - Citizenship Ceremony in Yellowknife

June 7, 2013
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

(June 7, 2013) 

Thank you, on behalf of Premier McLeod and the Government of the Northwest Territories, I’m pleased that you’ve decided to take this step.

Many of you have been here for many years without all of the benefits of citizenship. Today you will gain a new relationship with our country. You will have a new right to vote and to take your rightful place in our democracy. You will have a responsibility to participate in our legal system and uphold our just society. Canada is a great country. New citizens strengthen Canadian identity and enhance our cultural diversity. The Northwest Territories was built by welcoming new residents and integrating them into northern life. As we look around, we see the results of that multiculturalism. People from all over the world now make the NWT their home. This is a diverse group and I am pleased that you have all chosen to be Canadian citizens. I love this country.  I was born in Canada and grew up here in Yellowknife.  And I am always impressed by the dedication of those who choose to move here and take the oath. You have chosen a beautiful part of Canada to call home. I encourage all of you to become fully involved in your new community. You are making a deliberate choice to make Canada your home and to take part in our society with all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. We know you didn’t make this decision lightly.  We honour that choice and we celebrate with you today.