Income Security Programs continue to improve

October 18, 2013
News Releases

YELLOWKNIFE (October 18, 2013) – On March 7th, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) tabled its report and recommendations on Income Security Programs (ISP) across the Northwest Territories. The report was presented to the Standing Committee on Government Operations on April 16th.

The report outlined nine recommendations across four ISP programs, detailing a need for focused actions and planning, clarified policy and program guidelines for the public and for ISP staff, full compliance through regular auditing processes, improved staff training and development, program targets, and evaluation standards.

“We were pleased to read the recommendations from the Auditor General,” said Minister of Education, Culture and Employment Jackson Lafferty. “All of their recommendations aligned with the actions we had taken to that point.  The focused review of our Income Security Program has helped us further identify service gaps, which we have moved to address.  These are only the first steps as we move to fulfill the recommendations provided by both the Auditor General and the Standing Committee.”

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment categorized the recommendations into four areas of focus: policy clarification, compliance and auditing of files, staff training and development, and program evaluation.

“Once we had completed our internal review of the program in 2012, we recognized that these complex programs were not meeting the needs of our clients or our client services officers and we developed an action plan to address these gaps, which we tabled this session,” said Minister Lafferty.  “With the recommendations and action plan to guide our progress, we are confident that we are on the right track to improve Income Security programs across the Northwest Territories.”

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