Limited Resident Harvest for Bluenose-East and Beverly and Ahiak Caribou Herds Proposed

July 4, 2013
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YELLOWKNIFE (July 4, 2013) –The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is proposing a limited resident harvest for the Bluenose-East and Beverly and Ahiak caribou herds in designated zones for the 2013-2014 big game hunting season.

Proposals to allow resident harvesters to purchase one tag for a bull-only harvest to be used on either the Bluenose-East or Bevely and Ahiak herds have been sent to the affected renewable resources boards for review.

Current trend and population analysis and harvest projections indicate these herds could sustain the current Aboriginal harvest and a limited resident harvest with minimal negative impacts.

Resident harvest on the Bluenose-East herd has been closed since 2006.  Resident harvest of the Beverly and Ahiak herds was closed in 2009-10. Aboriginal harvest on the herds has not been restricted.

The proposal on management actions for the Bluenose-East herd is being reviewed by the Wildlife Management Advisory Council-NWT, the Sahtu and Wek’èezhìi Renewable Resources Boards and the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.

The Beverly and Ahiak proposal is being reviewed by the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board and the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board.

The resource boards will provide results of their review to the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

Backgrounder and barren-ground caribou management units map attached.

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Judy McLinton
Manager, Public Affairs and Communications
Environment and Natural Resources
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  • The GNWT is proposing to allow resident hunters to purchase one bull-only barren-ground caribou tag to harvest from either the Bluenose-East (BNE) or the Beverly and Ahiak caribou herds.
  • Designated zones for resident harvest of BNE herd are S/BC/03 and R/BC/01 (see attached barren-ground caribou management units map).
  • Designated zone for resident harvest of Beverly/Ahiak herd is U/BC/01 (see attached barren-ground caribou management units map).
  • Resident harvest of BNE herd has been closed since 2006.
  • Aboriginal harvest of the BNE herd is not restricted and annual harvest between 2009 and 2012 averaged 2,700 animals.
  • Most recent survey (2010) indicates herd has increased to 122,000 animals.
  • Resident harvest of Beverly and Ahiak herds has been closed since 2006.
  • Aboriginal harvest of the herds is not restricted and annual harvest averaged about 1,000 animals in 2009-2010 and less than 1,000 in 2011-2012.
  • Most recent survey (2011) indicates size of the Beverly herd at 124,000 and the Ahiak herd at 71,000.
  • The potential of infringement on Aboriginal and treaty rights of re-establishing a limited resident harvest on both herds is considered minimal since Aboriginal harvest is unrestricted on these herds.
  • The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is consulting with Aboriginal governments and traditional users on both proposals.  Results of this consultation will be provided to the resource management boards.