New approach to community emergency preparedness training

June 28, 2013
News Releases

PAULATUK (June 28, 2013) – A new approach to preparing communities for transportation-related emergencies was successfully launched in Fort McPherson on June 11-13.

A live exercise held to meet Transport Canada requirements for airport emergency exercises was preceded by training for community first responders who were taught basic emergency scene management and how to safely transport victims to the local health centre. A recently completed review of the results from these exercises confirms that the training has met organizers’ objectives.

Transportation Minister David Ramsay says the enhanced training initiative is to better prepare community first responders for collisions, aircraft crashes, and other emergencies in and near NWT communities. “Airport emergency exercises are a great way for communities to practise emergency management skills,” he said. “With the added value of this training combined with airport exercises, communities across the NWT will gain and practise the skills required when there’s an emergency.”

Municipal and Community Affairs Minister Robert C. McLeod recognizes the importance of building partnerships to deliver training. “Ensuring we work together as a government to deliver quality training programs in our communities directly benefits residents by increasing capacity for local emergency response,” said Minister McLeod. “Including community emergency response training with the airport exercises allows us to deliver more training, more often, leading to safer communities.”

Similar training benefiting the community of Paulatuk began on June 25. Municipal and Community Affairs and Transportation worked with the community to hold an emergency exercise and offer first responder training to community firefighters, RCMP members, Canadian Rangers, airport maintenance contractors, health authority and GNWT employees, and other community members.

Each participating community is given the equipment and supplies to support the new skills learned. The enhanced training meets the priority of the 17th Assembly to invest in sustainable, vibrant, and safe communities.

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