Premier Bob McLeod announces changes to the Cabinet

October 30, 2013
News Releases

YELLOWKNIFE (October 30, 2013) – Premier Bob McLeod today announced changes to the Executive Council that will help it continue to achieve success in creating a strong, prosperous territory providing jobs and opportunities for all Northwest Territories residents. The changes will help also prepare the Cabinet for additional responsibilities being transferred to the Government of the Northwest Territories through Devolution.

"We are midway through our term and have accomplished many of the tasks we set for ourselves at the beginning of the 17th Legislative Assembly," said Premier McLeod. "As we prepare for the next two years and the new responsibilities we will be assuming from Canada, we have an opportunity to capitalize on our past successes and to refocus our energies for the task ahead."

The Premier has made the following portfolio changes:

  •  Minister David Ramsay assumes responsibility for the Department of Justice and the Public Utilities Board. He continues as Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment.
  •  Minister Tom Beaulieu assumes responsibility for the Departments of Transportation, Human Resources, and Public Works and Services.
  •  Minister Glen Abernethy assumes responsibility for the Department of Health and Social Services, Seniors, and Persons with Disabilities.
  •  Minister Robert C. McLeod has been designated Minister of Lands effective April 1, 2014. He will continue as Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, Municipal and Community Affairs, Homelessness, and Youth.


Ministers Jackson Lafferty, Michael Miltenberger and Premier McLeod continue with their existing portfolios.

"We have made significant progress over the past two years, but have a lot more to achieve," said the Premier. "We have a strong team that will continue to work hard to create the kind of territory the people of our territory want and our Legislative Assembly has envisioned. I thank all Ministers for their past efforts and look forward to continuing to work together with them to advance the best interests of the Northwest Territories.

With the exception of the Lands portfolio, all portfolio changes take effect October 31, 2013.

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