Robert C. McLeod - Accountability Framework

October 21, 2013
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

(October 21, 2013) - Mr. Speaker, the Accountability Framework for Community Governments is now complete. This framework will be an important tool that will allow MACA and community government stakeholders to better coordinate our working relationship based on defined indicators that measure the health and success of community governments.

It builds on the New Deal and emphasizes the importance of responsible and responsive community governments. It provides tools, in the form of standardized key indicators and checklists to ensure they are being met, that community governments can use to assess their performance and determine what support they need.

When community governments find areas where they need help, MACA will work with them to build capacity to deliver programs and services to their residents.

Reporting completed through the Framework will help community governments anticipate problems early on. They can also use the data and reporting format to communicate with residents about their progress and successes. That information will also help the Department in setting priorities for programs and training to community governments and will play an important role in our business- and strategic-planning.

The Department has regularly consulted and worked with partners at the Northwest Territories Association of Communities and the Local Government Administrators of the Northwest Territories.

These partner groups were invaluable in helping us refine the Framework to ensure it meets the needs of community government stakeholders, so I would like to thank them for their continued assistance.

With the Framework completed we will be working with community governments on implementation. Municipal and Community Affairs staff will be delivering three regional workshops starting in November. We want our stakeholders to know how to use the Framework and how we will support them if they are having challenges carrying out their responsibilities. We are hiring new Assistant Regional Superintendents in all regions to support community governments in the implementation of the Accountability Framework.

Good governance at the local level is integral to building sustainable, vibrant, and safe communities. Through this Framework, we will continue to provide community governments with the tools and support they need to respond to community priorities and manage their responsibilities effectively. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with community governments and remaining active, supportive partners.

Copies of the Framework will be distributed to all Members of the Legislative Assembly in the near future.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.