NWT Emergency Response Update - September 20, 2023 5:00pm

Public Safety Bulletin

Notice: As the GNWT begins to transition to the recovery phase this will be the last daily update. Future updates will be issued when required. Updated information will continue to be available at: www.gov.nt.ca/en/public-safety   


September 20 Public Safety Bulletin

Lifting of Evacuation Alerts

Now that the Territorial State of Emergency has shifted to the South Slave. The GNWT, YKDFN and The City of Yellowknife, through collaboration with the Territorial Emergency Management Organization and the Department Of Environment and Climate Change’s NWT wildfire staff, are announcing that the evacuation alert is lifted for Yellowknife, Detah, Ndilo, and residents of the Ingraham Trail, as well as those living along Hwy 3.  Fire conditions can change rapidly and if necessary, another evacuation alert could be put in place with short notice.

GNWT Pathfinders

Pathfinders are available to discuss accommodations and return plans with Enterprise evacuees and provide information on Department of Finance funding programs for evacuees.

If you have questions or need to contact a Pathfinder by email: DisasterAssistance@gov.nt.ca

GNWT Updates

Highways and Airports

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Health Services Updates

General information and updates can be found here: www.nthssa.ca/en/services/wildfire-health-services-updates

GNWT Service Level Updates

GNWT service updates can be found here: https://www.gov.nt.ca/en/public-safety/government-service-levels

Wildfire Status

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