NWT Residents Urged to Be Visible, Be Safe

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December 2, 2010 - With shorter days upon us, residents of the Northwest Territories are reminded to be safe when walking on our streets, roads, and highways.

In 2009, two fatalities occurred when drivers collided with pedestrians during hours of darkness. In each case, the drivers did not see the victim until it was too late.

Transportation Minister Michael McLeod says it is important that every pedestrian wear reflective clothing or lights to ensure they are visible to the approaching motorist.

“This simple precaution can save lives,” he said. He pointed out that it is not just pedestrians who need to be visible – those out sledding must also wear reflective clothing. “It is important for everyone to be visible while walking outdoors or while out on the land.”

Drive Alive, the travel safety information program of the Government of the Northwest Territories, is making a limited number of retro-reflective armbands available for NWT residents to help them increase their visibility. The armbands are available at the constituency offices’ of every Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Remember, there is more we can all do to increase the safety of ourselves and our loved ones while on the roads and trails of the Northwest Territories.

For more information, contact:

Earl Blacklock
Manager of Public Affairs and Communications
Tel: 867-873-7712
Email: earl_blacklock@gov.nt.ca