Premier Cochrane announces the appointment of Steve Loutitt as Deputy Minister of Infrastructure

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Yellowknife — December 22, 2020

YELLOWKNIFE (December 22, 2020) – Premier Caroline Cochrane today announced the appointment of Steve Loutitt as the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure (INF) for the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

Mr. Loutitt has over 30 years’ experience working in the public service in progressively senior roles within the former Department of Transportation and Department of Infrastructure, most recently as Acting Deputy Minister. He was appointed as Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations in March 2020.

Prior to that, Mr. Loutitt was the Director of Compliance and Licensing where he was responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of Compliance and Licensing programs in the Northwest Territories. This included Driver and Vehicle Licensing, Transport Compliance (Highway Patrol), Inspection Services (Electrical, Gas, Boiler and Elevator Inspectors) and policy related to the Motor Vehicles Act, Electrical Protection Act, Gas Protection Act, Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act and associated Acts and Regulations.

Prior to working in this role, Steve was the Regional Airport Manager for the Yellowknife Airport and four smaller community airports. Steve has been employed by the Government of the Northwest Territories since July 1995, when the Yellowknife Airport devolved to the GNWT from Transport Canada.

He had previously worked for Transport Canada for eight years. Mr. Loutitt holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration.

He will assume his position effective immediately.



“Steve Loutitt brings extensive experience that will be a valuable asset to the Government of the Northwest Territories. He has a long and successful career with the GNWT, and I have confidence he will be able to inspire his department and continue to deliver on the commitments made to advance the priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly. I look forward to working with him.”

- Caroline Cochrane, Premier of the Northwest Territories


Quick Facts:

  • Deputy Ministers are the non-elected head of a GNWT Department.
  • The Commissioner in the Executive Council appoints Deputy Ministers on the advice of the Premier.
  • Deputy Ministers serve at pleasure and are accountable to the Premier for their performance of their duties.

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