Yellowknife – October 21, 2021
News Releases

Some NWT communities will now be able to recycle an expanded list of electronics.

Yellowknife – October 8, 2021
News Releases

The Government of the Northwest Territories (NWT) and Canada are working together collaboratively to ensure activities are completed to minimize potential risk at the former Ptarmigan Mine site.

Yellowknife – October 5, 2021
News Releases

The Government of the Northwest Territories has released a report from an independent consultant with expertise in caribou modelling. The report focuses on sustainable harvest levels for boreal caribou across the southern NWT.

Yellowknife – August 18, 2021
News Releases

A draft interim range plan for boreal caribou in the Wek’èezhı̀ı region has been released for public comment.

Yellowknife – August 9, 2021
News Releases

The Government of the Northwest Territories has identified three priorities for new waste management programming in the NWT.

These priorities are:

Yellowknife – August 5, 2021
News Releases

The FireSmart® Starts in Your Backyard contest is back – this time focusing on the Ingraham Trail.

The contest is meant to encourage folks to practice FireSmart® principles to reduce their risk of wildfire damage.

Yellowknife – August 4, 2021
News Releases

The Northwest Territories Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program is providing $1.7 million in 2021/22 to support 28 monitoring and research projects. Funding recipients include Indigenous governments and organizations, universities and territorial and federal government departments.

Fort Simpson – July 13, 2021
Public Service Announcement

Two cabins lost due to wildfire.

Two cabins on Little Doctor Lake outside of Fort Simpson were burned in a wildfire over the weekend.

Wildfire FS-019 was detected at Little Doctor Lake on Saturday, July 10. 

Yellowknife – July 8, 2021
Public Service Announcement

Muskox tags are now available for the 2021-2022 hunting season!

Yellowknife – July 7, 2021
Public Service Announcement

A limited number of Outfitter Licences are now available for Unit U and R. You need this licence if you plan to provide equipment and guide services to people hunting big game, or if you expect to receive money, goods, or services in exchange for these services.