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How to Prepare for Your Interview

The following steps will help you prepare for your interview:

  • review the job description;
  • research information about the GNWT and the applicable department;
  • contact the current incumbent or someone who has knowledge about the position to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of the position;
  • review your resume; and
  • contact your Human Resource Service Centre if you would like to request a Mock Interview. 

Behavioural Based Interview

A competency based interview is your opportunity to share specific examples of past behaviours that relate to the job requirements.

Using behaviours or competencies in hiring helps:

  • establish essential job qualifications;
  • predict job high performers;
  • provide ways to observe and measure behaviours essential to job and role performance;
  • assess the applicant’s key behavioural competencies as well as their knowledge, skills and abilities required for a position; and
  • shift the focus from the applicants experience, education and training to the applicant’s ability to apply competencies on the job.

Behavioural based interview questions rely on the theory that past behaviour is an excellent predictor of future behavour. The Selection Committee is looking for specific examples where the applicant has demonstrated certain behaviours in the past.  

The Selection Committee may provide the applicant with some or all of the behavioural based questions prior to the interview.  If the interview is behavioural based, the Human Resources Representative will provide the applicant with a handout that outlines the format for answering the behavioural based questions referred to as the STAR Approach.  This approach will help candidates structure their answers during a behavioural / competency based interview.

In addition to the steps outlined above for preparing for an interview, applicants invited to a behavioural based interview should:

  • review the STAR Technique/ Approach Handout;
  • direct any questions to the Human Resource Representative prior to the interview;
  • review any Competency / Behavioural based questions that were provided before the interview;  and
  • brainstorm examples of past experiences that illustrate the competency based behaviour.