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Fly In Communities

The most isolated communities in the Northwest Territories are accessible only by scheduled or charter flights for most of the year.  Some of the communities listed below are accessible for a short time using winter ice roads that connect communities to the highway system.  These communities range in size from 100 to 500 residents who receive their groceries and other supplies by air shipment.  Communities on the Mackenzie River are supplied by an annual barge that delivers dry goods, non-perishables and other items ordered by community members.  Flights to these communities are offered through regional airlines often on smaller airplanes with strict cargo weight restrictions.  The costs of these flights vary depending on the community location and the number of potential customers. 

Very few Canadians have the chance to experience life in a remote community where some people still rely heavily on hunting, fishing and trapping to support their families.  The opportunity to experience this lifestyle while building their career can be a rewarding learning experience.

(population estimates)