Effective April 1, 2023: the Departments of Lands and Environment and Natural Resources have merged into one.

Apply for a Commercial Land Lease

A commercial lease gives the occupant the exclusive right to use the land for a specified period and allows the lessee to make improvements on the land for their business-related activities. Specific terms and conditions are included in the lease. 

Before you apply: Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the Department of Environment and Climate Change to help determine if your activity requires a commercial lease and if the parcel is available. Applicants may also access ATLAS, an online mapping tool to review the land availability.

ATTENTION: If applicants would like to meet with the Department of Environment and Climate Change to discuss a proposed activity, or to see an example of a Commercial Land Lease template, please email lands@gov.nt.ca to set up an appointment.

Application forms:

After you apply: Every application undergoes a departmental review process, and consultation with Indigenous governments, as well as other governments and GNWT departments, where applicable. If an application is rejected, it is returned along with a letter outlining the reasons.

Application costs:

  • Commissioner's Land application fee and deposit: $500 + GST
  • Territorial Land application fee: $250 + GST 

Related Information

Before you apply, make sure that your proposed land use conforms with any applicable community plans, zoning bylaws, land use plans, and other relevant legislation. Contact lands@gov.nt.ca for more information.