Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program

Trappers Recognition Program

The Trappers Recognition Program is part of a continuing program to build and strengthen productive capacity in the trapping industry. Environment and Climate Change administers this awards program in recognition of trappers' efforts and achievements. The recognition is performance based and considers trapper age, along with volume and value of fur harvested. Awards go to active senior trappers, active youth trappers, highest sale and highest volume producers.

Awards include a jacket with the distinctive Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur (GMVF) logo and an award plaque.

The Trappers Recognition Program has been positively received by trappers who are proud to wear the GMVF award jacket and display their award plaque.


  • Highest Sales – recognizes the producers with the highest revenues in each of the five regions.

  • Highest Number of Pelts – recognizes the producer with the highest number of pelts in each of the five regions.

  • Senior Trapper – recognizes the oldest active trapper in each of the five regions.

  • Youth Trapper  – recognizes the youngest active trapper in each of the five regions.