Legislation and regulations


Environmental protection

Forest resources

Land management

Northwest Territories Lands Act

Commissioner's Land Act

Area Development Act

Surface Rights Board Act

Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (Government of Canada)

  • Mackenzie Valley Land Use Regulations

The GNWT’s role

This legislation establishes public boards to carry out land use planning, regulate the use of land and water, and conduct environmental assessments of proposed developments in the Mackenzie Valley.

This is part of an integrated system incorporating the Waters Act,  NWT Lands Act and other territorial and federal legislation.  

Although the MVRMA remains federal legislation, devolution provided the Government of the Northwest Territories with significant delegated authorities in addition to its existing legislated authorities.

Legislated authorities

Authorities delegated to the Minister and department of Environment and Climate Change include:  

  • Approval of Type A water licences (outside federal areas)
  • Designation of inspector for land use permits
  • Setting security policy and holding securities for land use permits
  • Duties and functions related to environmental assessment. decisions (non-federal land)
  • Cumulative impact monitoring and environmental audits

Natural Resources Conservation Trust Fund

Protected areas


Species at Risk

Waste Reduction and Recovery