NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP)

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NWT CIMP Annual Reports

Action Plan

NWT Environmental Monitoring Annual Results Workshop

2023-24 – North and South Slave Regions

2022-23 Wek'èezhii Region

2021-22 Dehcho Region (not held due to COVID)

2020/21 – Gwich’in Settlement Area and Inuvialuit Settlement Region

2019/20 – Sahtú Settlement Area

2018/19 - NWT-wide

2017/18 - North and South Slave Regions

2016/17 - Wek'èezhii Region

2015/16 - Dehcho Region

NWT CIMP Monitoring Guidance

NWT Regulatory Boards

Mackenzie Valley

Inuvialuit Settlement Region