NWT Environmental Audit

Why it matters

The NWT Environmental Audit is an independent review of the NWT environmental regulatory system in the Mackenzie Valley and the quality of environmental data available to make resource management decisions in the NWT. It will focus on:

  • how land and water are managed
  • how information about the environment is collected
  • how cumulative impacts are monitored
  • actions taken in response to past audit recommendations

The independent Auditor will then provide recommendations to help guide responsible parties and improve how the environment is managed over the next five years.

Information and perspectives will be collected from the public and from people that are involved in land and water management. The Auditor is guided by a steering committee of Indigenous, territorial, and federal government representatives.

The Audit is an obligation of the Sahtu, Gwich'in and Tłı̨chǫ land claim agreements and a legislated requirement of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA). The MVRMA requires an Environmental Audit be completed at least every five years by an independent auditor. Four audits have been completed since 2005, most recently in 2020. The Auditor was selected through a competitive process and is under contract to the GNWT.

Informational Video about the NWT Audit

The NWT Environmental Audit is an important tool that decision-makers can use to improve coordination and effectiveness in of the NWT’s resource management systems, while incorporating Indigenous Knowledge and honouring obligations under land claim agreements.

This video provides a summary of the purpose of the NWT Audit, and is available in multiple languages.

When does it happen?

  • Feb 21 – March 31, 2024: Public Engagement period
  • May – Dec 2024:  Auditor preparing and drafting report
  • June 2025: Final audit report and recommendations released to public

How can I take part?

Online Survey

You can provide comments through an online public survey hosted by the independent auditor here

Contact the Auditor

NWT residents can also contact the Auditor directly at:

More information

General questions can be sent to the Northwest Territories Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program at nwtcimp@gov.nt.ca