Wildfire prevention and safety

Safely smoking cigarettes and other products

Don’t let that dart start a fire

Too often, big, dangerous wildfires are started because people are careless with cigarettes, cigars, and other smoking materials like cannabis joints or matches. 
Take these simple steps to prevent wildfire caused by smoking products. 

Always put them out completely

Put cigarettes out all the way. Do this every time.

Put water on the ashes and butts to make sure they are totally out before putting them in the trash.

Dispose of them in a fire-proof ashtray

When you’re done, use an ash tray that can’t burn or melt. Some good examples include:

  • Glass jars
  • Aluminum cans
  • Metal pales

Make sure it’s high-sided and never fill them to the brim. For best results, add some water to make sure the butts are extinguished.

Keep one near where people will be hanging out at your camp if people will be smoking – or set a designated area for those who choose to smoke.

Never leave them unattended

Like any fire, don’t leave burning cigarettes, cigars, or matches alone while they are burning. A gust of wind may blow them to fuel that can light up and cause a wildfire.

Never throw them out of the car

It’s very easy for a cigarette or cigar to bounce to the side of the road and catch vegetation.

Instead of smoking while driving, stop at a pull-out and stretch your legs instead.

Make sure whatever you’re smoking is out completely and cool to the touch before putting them in a garbage can.

If you must smoke in the car, make sure to have an ashtray in the car that can’t burn with high edges – and keep some water nearby. 

Call your friends out

If someone you know is getting rid of a cigarette or other product carelessly, call them on it. Stopping wildfires starts with personal responsibility and holding each other to safe practices while on-the-land.