Wildfire prevention and safety

Don't be the spark for a wildfire

Fire brings a lot of benefits to our lives – and it is a natural and necessary part of our environment.

But wildfires caused by people never need to happen – and they’re usually the most dangerous because they start closer to the things we value most.

Help wildfire fighters in your community: fight back against wildfire danger in your day-to-day life and do your part to prevent them with good choices.

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Wildfire will come – and sometimes, wildfire fighters may not be able to stop it. The trick is being prepared – whether you’re going out on-the-land or at your home or cabin. 


Take the time to learn these simple tips and tricks to enjoy the land and the benefits of fire, while preventing wildfires that could cause trouble for people and communities.

Get safety tips about:  


You can help wildfire teams respond to wildfire quickly and protect the things you value most when possible. 

  • Report any smoke or fire you see: call 1-877-NWT-FIRE
  • Get your home, cabin, camp, or worksite registered: visit Register Your Values-at-Risk to let wildfire leaders know something you value is on the land. It’s confidential.