Dehcho fire update

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    • TodayExtreme
    • TomorrowExtreme
    • Day after tomorrowExtreme
    Fort Simpson
    • TodayLow
    • TomorrowHigh
    • Day after tomorrowHigh
    Fort Liard
    • TodayModerate
    • TomorrowHigh
    • Day after tomorrowExtreme
    Nahanni Butte
    • TodayLow
    • TomorrowHigh
    • Day after tomorrowHigh

What to do based on fire danger

Here’s some advice to follow based on fire danger levels in your area.


Have campfires and burn with regular caution. Fires may still start easily, but it is less likely to grow and spread.


Take extra caution by keeping campfires and burn piles as small as possible.

Fires may start more easily and have a higher chance of growing and spreading.


Do not have any fires unless it is necessary for food or warmth. Keep them as small as possible. Pay special attention to anything else nearby that embers from your fire could hit.

Consider using contained flames, like propane stoves or barbecues, for your cooking needs. There may be fire restrictions in place because at high fire danger, there is a good chance fires will start easily, grow quickly, and challenge firefighters trying to fight them.


Do not have campfires or burn things unless there is no other choice for food or warmth.

Use contained flames like propane stoves or barbecues for food whenever possible. At extreme fire danger, forests are very dry and it is likely fire will start easily, spread quickly, and cause real challenges for firefighters when they need to be fought.

Hunting, fireworks, campfires, or other burning may be restricted.