Cabins on the Tazin and Talston Rivers Prepare for high waters

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — October 27, 2021

There are currently higher-than-normal water levels on the Tazin and Talston Rivers – and this could impact NWT residents and land-users.

Although there are no NWT communities downstream on the Tazin or Taltson Rivers; there are cabins and camps and the water levels may put them at risk.

The Taltson currently sits at about 0.5 metres lower than the record high water level last fall and water level and flow in the Tazin have not decreased as expected. This could result in sustained high water in the Taltson River during freeze-up.

Cabin owners and people heading out for fall hunts should be on high alert.

High water conditions may lead to flooding and may cause ice to form later or be thinner in areas where ice has been safe in prior years. 

Anyone travelling on the land should use caution and follow these tips for staying safe – which are even more important when facing unusual conditions: 

  • Tell family and friends where you are going and when you plan to be back.
  • Travel in a group and make sure someone at home knows who is with you.
  • Prepare for changing weather conditions and bring an emergency survival kit.
  • Check in regularly with home – if you can.
  • Check the weather and ice conditions in your area.

For media requests, please contact:

Mike Westwick

Manager of Communications

Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

Government of the Northwest Territories