Climate Youth Advisory Group established to advise on NWT climate change

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Yellowknife — November 30, 2022

The NWT Climate Change Council is reaching out to youth to inform NWT efforts on reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts of a changing climate. It has established a new Climate Youth Advisory Group to advise and collaborate with the Council. 

Youth occupy the frontlines of climate change demanding accountability from governments and industry around the world. With the Northwest Territories (NWT) warming four times faster than the rest of Canada, NWT youth have a unique voice to share. 

Members of the Climate Youth Advisory Group will be expected to engage with their community—including other youth and elders—and bring their voices to three virtual meetings and one in-person meeting per year. In return, members will have an opportunity to learn about policy making and influence recommendations made by the NWT Climate Change Council. Additionally, members will each receive an honorarium of $250 per day for their time, while the Chair will receive $300 per day.

The Council aspires to have youth representatives from all regions of the NWT equitably, by having two delegates from each region, including two from Yellowknife. This will be a space that supports diversity and inclusion and strives to be representative of the NWT population.

Consideration will be given to selecting one junior youth (18-24) and one senior youth (25-30) from each region. Applicants do not need to currently reside in their regions or communities to apply.

Apply here and submit by January 2, 2023.


“The impact of a changing climate will be felt for generations to come. That’s why it’s so important that the voices of tomorrow’s leaders—our northern youth—are heard. Striking a Climate Youth Advisory Group is a forward-thinking action to make sure these young people are involved in climate solutions, as they are the stewards of our future.”

- Shane Thompson, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

Quick facts

  • The NWT Climate Change Council is a forum for sharing information, for collaboration, and for engagement among non-elected staff of Indigenous governments and Indigenous organizations, representatives of NWT communities, and the GNWT, with input from external partners. 
  • The Council provides guidance and advice to inform and advance GNWT climate change and environment programs in alignment with IGO and community perspectives, interests, and knowledge. 
  • The Council will have 12 members.
  • A Chairperson and Alternate Chairperson will be chosen by membership of the group.

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