COVID Coordinating Secretariat releases What We Heard report about potential changes to isolation locations and payment for isolation centre stays

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Yellowknife — November 24, 2020

The COVID-19 Coordinating Secretariat today released the report What We Heard- Evolving COVID-19 Self-Isolation Policies in the Northwest Territories. The report provides a summary of input received about self-isolation locations and payment for isolation centre stays from Indigenous governments, community governments and business stakeholders.

The Secretariat held engagement sessions between October 28 and November 3, 2020 to seek input about communities where people could self-isolate and who should pay for individuals to stay in isolation centres. Participants communicated different experiences and ideas that emerge as key themes in the What We Heard report. The results show there are differing points of view about self-isolating at home in smaller communities. Most of feedback was in support of reducing isolation centre costs to taxpayers.

The report is one of many tools that informs the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO) about viewpoints across the territory. The What We Heard report reflects only the discussion of opinions and concerns of those who took part. The discussions were based on a paper that was provided to stakeholders in advance of the sessions, titled Self-Isolation and Our Communities: Exploring solutions for expanding self-isolation options safely and controlling isolation centre costs.

The OCPHO and the Secretariat have also heard from representatives through letters and previous comments provided to other government departments.



“Our government is committed to carrying out meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, including Indigenous leaders, community governments, and the business community. It’s important we hear, value, and learn from different perspectives as we make decisions. A coordinated and collaborative approach to making public health order decisions will allow the GNWT to determine how best to assist each unique community when it comes to carrying them out.”

- Caroline Cochrane, Premier



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