Drivers reminded to stay off closed winter roads

Yellowknife — May 4, 2020
Public Service Announcement

With most winter roads and ice crossings now closed, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT)

reminds drivers that it is unsafe and illegal to drive on closed winter roads.

Doing so can endanger your life, the lives of others, and your vehicle. 

The GNWT understands that winter roads serve as an important access point to many cabins and other outdoor areas. However, safety is always

our top priority and as such, winter roads are closed to members of the public when they are no longer safe to use.
The fine for operating a vehicle on a closed seasonal road is $863 while the fine for removing a highway barricade is $115. The RCMP is responsible

for enforcement while the GNWT is responsible for the legislation.
The GNWT thanks drivers for their cooperation and for a safe winter road season.
For up-to-date highway conditions, please visit the INF highway conditions page and Twitter.

For more information or for media requests, contact:
Public Affairs and Communications  
Department of Infrastructure
Government of the Northwest Territories 
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