Education Leaders’ Meeting

Yellowknife — January 17, 2019

The Honourable Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE), met with territorial education leaders on January 9, 2019 to continue discussion on improving the education system. Leaders from all regions of the Northwest Territories gathered to review progress to date and plan for future work.

Among the discussion topics was a review of the Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices, or STIP, initiative. The parent survey is open until the end of January, and Leaders agreed to continue to encourage parents to complete the online survey. This survey is the first step in gathering stakeholder input for the evaluation of the initiative, and all parties agreed the results are best used to assess the project and to inform all education partners.

Leaders also discussed the implementation of the Child and Youth Care Counsellors program and agreed that the roll-out would be closely monitored to ensure the needs of the diverse education authorities are considered.

Further consideration of the new high school pathways model, which is part of the Education Renewal and Innovation strategy, was discussed, and it was noted that public engagement opportunities will begin in the coming weeks.

An update on the JK – 12 Indigenous Languages and Education policy was provided. Leaders are excited about the quality of the new curriculum and resources and look forward to further collaboration on any new accountability requirements.

Chair John Stephenson presented comments from his recent discussion with the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association (NWTTA). Leaders noted the importance of their partnership with the NWTTA, and it was agreed to invite the President of the NWTTA to present at a future Education Leaders’ meeting.

Two Education Leaders shared detailed information on the successes and challenges from their own regions with their colleagues, and a broad conversation on best practices and tailoring programs to include and respect regional diversity took place.

Minister Cochrane and all Leaders were especially pleased to sign a new communications protocol outlining how signatories will work together to share information and ensure the public is aware of opportunities they have to be involved in shaping the education system.

The next meeting was set for May, 2019.



“We are working extremely closely as a team with all Education Leaders, and I am very happy all regions have come together to agree to a joint communications protocol. The protocol will guide us in our work together and ensure we are keeping each other apprised of changes in each region and in headquarters. Maintaining this flow of communication is critical to our success as we work together to make the education system better for students.”


-Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment


“Education Leaders are very pleased at the steady progress we are making on behalf of students and teachers. We know there is a significant amount of work to be done and are approaching it systematically based on data and experience. The signing of the communications protocol with Minister Cochrane ensures we will work together even more closely and that parents will be well aware of the progress we are making. I would like to thank the Minister for her continued commitment to our work and how well she has brought us all together as a team.”

- John Stephenson, Chair, Yellowknife Education District #1, on behalf of Board Chairs


For more information contact:

John Stephenson

Chair, Board of Trustees

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Jacqueline McKinnon

Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

Department of Education, Culture and Employment

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