Eighth Annual Anti-Poverty Roundtable Focuses on Housing and Homelessness

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Yellowknife — May 5, 2022

The eighth annual Anti-Poverty Roundtable ended yesterday with a commitment by participants to increase safe and affordable housing, including for underhoused residents.

The purpose of this year’s roundtable was to bring together approximately 120 participants from all levels of government, non-government organizations, community service providers, and the private sector to work collectively on addressing housing and homelessness.

Roundtable participants learned about innovative projects that are leading the way in the development of homelessness programing and housing solutions in the NWT and Canada. This includes on-the-land initiatives; shelters; Housing First models; strategies for building and maintaining homes; and other support for vulnerable populations. Participants also experienced a self-determined, traditional, and Indigenous-based healing camp led by the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation and toured the Energy Wall Manufacturing facility and the Home Base youth housing program in Yellowknife.


“We know that the effects of residential school and intergenerational trauma are some of the root causes of poverty, housing insecurity, and homelessness. By bringing together all levels of government, non-government organizations, and the private sector, we can work collectively to find solutions that advance reconciliation and help us move toward a future where all residents have appropriate housing.

- Julie Green, Minister of Health and Social Services

“Events like the Anti-Poverty Roundtable are so important. In this venue we can break down silos, share information, and work to strengthen key relationships to make meaningful progress on some of the most important issues in the Northwest Territories. We know that housing and homelessness are complex issues without one-size-fits-all solutions, hearing the differing perspectives from communities across the Northwest Territories helps us work towards ensuring that housing is accessible and affordable to those most in need. ”

- Paulie Chinna, Minister Responsible for Housing NWT and Homelessness

Quick facts

  • The GNWT is committed to reducing poverty in the NWT by working with its partners to advance the Territorial Anti-Poverty Action Plan.
  • Anti-Poverty Roundtables provide an ongoing forum for shared learning and collaboration.

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