GNWT adds eLearning modules to its Campaign School for Women to remove barriers for female political participation

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Yellowknife — September 29, 2023

The Gender Equity Division of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has recently introduced a suite of eLearning modules on the SheCanNWT website, designed to support the existing resources of the Campaign School for Women. It is the first of its kind across the territories.

To complement the previous text-based version of the content, these newly designed self-directed modules are interactive and offer improved access to the wide variety of topics taught in the Campaign School for Women workshops. Participants will be able to complete eight (8) eLearning modules at their convenience and at their own speed. Participants can access the training across all devices.

These eLearning modules were designed to better foster an understanding of the political landscape of the Northwest Territories and develop leadership skills, preparing women for a range of political roles. This training also aligns with the GNWT's commitment to promote equal representation and inclusivity.

The re-designed training modules are meant to supplement regular, in-person Campaign School for Women workshops that are held regularly throughout the territory, while also providing the content to those who are unable to attend community sessions.

The Campaign School for Women and related activities, including the new eLearning modules, are funded by the GNWT and the Government of Canada’s Department of Women and Gender Equality. The new modules can be found here.


“With the introduction of the new Campaign School for Women eLearning modules, we are reinforcing the GNWT’s commitment to removing barriers for more inclusive and diverse political participation. These new and innovative resources are designed to inspire, educate, and empower women throughout the territory to take on leadership roles and shape a future where women are equally represented in all levels and forms of leadership. While developed in response to the vast underrepresentation of women in elected leadership, as an online resource, they are available to persons of all genders who may be interested to learn more about potential roles in elected leadership and how to prepare themselves to seek office.”

- Caroline Wawzonek, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

Quick Facts

  • The Campaign School for Women was created to provide educational resources and supports to increase the participation and representation of women in political leadership at all levels of government across the NWT.
  • Since its inception, over 300 women have participated in in-person Campaign School for Women sessions.

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