GNWT Increases Rates to Foster Care and Subsidized Adoptions

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Yellowknife — April 10, 2024

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) announced today an increase in daily rates to foster care and adoption subsidies, effective retroactively from March 1, 2024.

The cost of supporting children in care has continually risen since the last foster care rate increase in 2018. The difference in the rising cost of living and foster care has made it challenging for foster parents and adoptive parents who qualify for a subsidized adoption to support children so that they can become successful. The updated rates aim to bridge this gap so that caregivers can provide the necessary support for children to thrive.

Adjusting the foster care daily rate is one of the action items identified in the Child, Youth, and Family Services Strategic Direction and Action Plan (2023-2028).


“Foster and adoptive parents play an important role in shaping the lives of children and youth entering out-of-home care whether temporarily or permanently. By providing a safe, stable, and loving environment, they ensure that children remain connected to their home community and culture. Our aim in increasing the daily foster care rates and adoption subsidies, is not only to bridge the gap in rising cost of living, but to also remove barriers preventing extended family caregivers from supporting children outside their family home, allowing children to thrive within their community and culture.”

- Lesa Semmler, Minister of Health and Social Services

Quick facts

  • Last foster care rate increase was in 2018.
  • Foster care rates vary from community to community, based on the Community Price Index
  • In addition, the basic foster care rate, supplementary payments based on the child exist:
    • Age 0-5 years - $6.00 per day
    • Age 6-12 years - $5.00 per day
    • Age 13-18 years - $7.00 per day 
  • Also, as required, a specialized needs assessment can be completed to determine if the child or youth also qualifies for additional funding due to a disability or a unique level of care need.

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