GNWT releases Waste Resource Management Strategy and Implementation Plan

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Yellowknife — August 12, 2019

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) released its Waste Resource Management Strategy and Implementation Plan earlier today. The Strategy and Implementation Plan is the GNWT’s 10-year roadmap for improving the way that waste is managed throughout the NWT.

There are four overarching goals that the Strategy and Implementation Plan focuses on:

  1. Preventing and reducing waste at the source
  2. Diverting waste from disposal
  3. Improving waste management facilities and practices
  4. Leading by example, through initiatives that help us ‘green our government’

These goals will support a shift away from the current disposal approach to waste management to one that focuses more on reducing the amount of waste from residential and non-residential sources to better protect our environment. This shift will mean putting more effort into preventing the creation of waste in the first place and diverting waste from landfills by reusing and recycling materials. It will also encourage new and improved approaches to managing waste that gets sent to NWT landfills.


“Waste management is a shared responsibility. By focusing on improving practices and policies, the Waste Resource Management Strategy and Implementation Plan will help NWT communities reduce the long-term liabilities and costs associated with hazardous waste and shortened landfill life, and contribute to the green economy by creating opportunities for new businesses and jobs to emerge in the waste management sector.”

-Hon. Robert C. McLeod, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources



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Meagan Wohlberg

Manager, Public Affairs and Communications

Environment and Natural Resources