GNWT Releases What We Heard Reports on Mackenzie Valley Highway Engagement

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — October 6, 2023

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has released three What We Heard reports summarizing the results of engagement on the Mackenzie Valley Highway project.

Engagement focused on the project description and construction activities, project impacts and proposed mitigation measures and monitoring plans, respectively. Sessions occurred between March 2022 and February 2023.

The What We Heard Reports published today include feedback received from Indigenous governments, Indigenous organizations, community members and NWT residents. In total, participants provided input through:

  • 11 community meetings
  • 9 public open houses
  • 6 virtual public workshops
  • 20 one-on-one meetings with the project team
  • An online interactive map
  • Email

Engagement feedback has influenced design of the project. For example, the GNWT has:

  • Expanded the study area to improve highway routing flexibility to avoid a moose pasture area identified by the Pehdzéh Kį First Nation.
  • Proposed an alternate alignment option (the “Bear Rock Alignment Option”) which moves the study area for the highway route approximately two kilometers further from Bear Rock (Petınıɂah), based on input from the Tulita Renewable Resources Council and Elders Council. 
  • Widened the study area for the highway route to 3 kilometres at specific river crossing locations to allow more flexibility for minor re-alignments to move the highway further from sensitive features such as cabins, harvesting areas, and water features.

The results of the public engagement will be considered alongside Traditional Knowledge and technical studies during the project planning and design phases. Feedback has also been incorporated into the Developer’s Assessment Report due to be finalized in October 2023.

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