GNWT revises implementation of Employee Vaccination Policy

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Yellowknife — February 28, 2022

Following the changes to Public Health Orders announced by the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) last week, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is revising its implementation of the GNWT Employee Vaccination Policy.

Starting on March 1, 2022, proof of vaccination, testing, and enhanced personal protective equipment will only be required for employees and contractors who directly work with vulnerable sectors, in federally regulated industries, and in workplaces where there are other vaccination policies or requirements. All other employees will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination.

The public health risk analysis used by the CPHO to justify restrictions is no longer focused on decreased transmission of COVID-19; the focus is instead targeted at protecting those who are at higher risk of severe outcomes.

As an employer, the GNWT recognizes the need to update its response as COVID-19 begins to be treated as an endemic disease.


“Based on the advice of the CPHO, we are confident that we can start to reconsider some workplace processes and rules. However, I encourage everyone to continue to remain cautious, conduct our own risk assessments, and continue to engage in healthy practices. A vaccinated public service is still the best way to help protect all of our residents and communities, allowing us to provide the service and support NWT residents rely on us for.”

-Caroline Wawzonek, Minister of Finance

Quick Facts

  • Employees who work directly with vulnerable sectors include teachers, correctional officers, and all healthcare professionals.
  • Federally regulated industries and workplaces where there are other vaccination policies or requirements include air transportation, banks, and most federal Crown corporations.
  • As of March 1, 2022, the following restrictions for GNWT employees will also be removed:
    • employees returning from travel outside the NWT will no longer be required to work remotely for the 72 hours after they return to the NWT; and
    • occupancy limits related to the Public Health Order for GNWT offices and worksites will be lifted.
  • All GNWT employees will still be required to wear masks in all common areas of GNWT office buildings and worksites. The masking requirement will remain in place until the Public Health Emergency expires.

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