GNWT Seeks public input on Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program and the Community Harvesters Assistance Program

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — May 18, 2021

The GNWT is asking for public feedback on how the Community Harvesters Assistance Program (CHAP) and Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program (GMVF) that were created to support traditional harvesting and trapping activities across the NWT can be improved.  Evaluating CHAP and GMVF fulfills an action item in the ENR Sustainable Livelihoods Action Plan.  This was an action identified as important by over 18 communities during engagement on the creation of the action plan. 

How to Participate:

There are many ways you can share your thoughts on the programs with the GNWT:

•            Take the web survey:

For the CHAP:

For the GMVF:

•            Call us toll-free: 1-866-611-FURS (3877)

•            Email us:


All survey participants will be eligible to enter into a prize draw.  

About the Programs

Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur (GMVF)

This Program provides Northwest Territories (NWT) trappers with “one-window” access to the international fur auction market for fur harvested in the NWT.  In addition, the program actively markets and promotes fur at international venues through partnerships with other harvesting jurisdictions and the private sector.

Community Harvesters Assistance Program (CHAP)

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) provides Local Wildlife Committees (LWC) and/or Renewable Resource Councils (RRCs) with annual funding assistance through the Community Harvesters Assistance Program (CHAP) for distribution to their respective memberships.


“Harvesting and trapping have been important activities in the NWT since time immemorial.  These traditional ways of life carry on culture and traditions of the North and teach how to live sustainably while providing a source of income for many northern indigenous people.  We want to support this way of life in the territory and ensure that the priorities of those who use these programs are what guide their development.”

- Shane Thompson, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

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