Government of the Northwest Territories completes highway improvement projects

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Yellowknife — November 10, 2022

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) improved more than 218 kilometres of highway in the territory  during the 2022 season, resulting in safer, more climate change resilient road system.

In total, $47 million was invested in improvements to  the territorial highway system. Funded by the GNWT and the Government of Canada’s New Building Canada Plan, the improvement projects help communities stay connected, inject money into the local economy, and deliver the critical infrastructure the NWT needs to provide important programs and services.

Some of the highlights of these improvements include:

  • More than 150 kilometres of chipseal overlay
  • 68 kilometres of roadway rehabilitation
  • Four bridge rehabilitation/maintenance projects
  • Pre-engineering work for the rehabilitation/replacement of several structures
  • Completed approximately 135 bridge and bridge-culvert inspections

The NWT highway system includes 3,873 kilometres of all-season highways, winter roads, and access roads, four ferries and ice crossings, and over 350 bridge and bridge-culvert stream crossing structures.


“The NWT road system is critical infrastructure that connect communities, allow for delivery of goods and provide access to the rest of Canada. Continued investment in our roads not only supports improved road safety, but it creates jobs and economic opportunities for communities and locally owned companies. We will continue to work closely with all of our public and private sector partners to continue to build a transportation network that meets our the current and future needs. 

- Diane Archie, Minister of Infrastructure

Quick facts

  • The following projects were completed this construction season:

Highway 1 – Mackenzie Highway

  • km 70 to km 105: chipseal overlay
  • km 170 to km 195: chipseal overlay
  • km 396 to km 471: chipseal overlay
  • Fort Simpson Access Road and Airport Access Road: chipseal overlay
  • km 235.5 to km 236.8: embankment rehabilitation and construction of base course - emergency flood rehabilitation 
  • km 222 to km 234: embankment rehabilitation (multiyear contract - in progress)
  • km 722.4: Ochre River Bridge bearing rehabilitation

Highway 3 – Yellowknife Highway

  • km 0 to km 23: highway surface repairs and rehabilitation including chipseal overlay
  • km 24.4: Deh Cho Bridge cleaning

Highway 4

  • km 7.5: Yellowknife River Bridge maintenance
  • km 54.75 to km 59.2: embankment rehabilitation, construction of base course and chipseal application

Highway 7 – Liard Highway

  • km 19.75 to km 33.75: embankment rehabilitation (multiyear contract - in progress)

Highway 8 – Dempster Highway

  • km 239.9: bridge-culvert repair
  • km 245 to km 255: embankment widening and rehabilitation
  • Marine by-pass from km 269.1 to km 272.5: highway widening and rehabilitation work

Highway 10 – Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway

  • km 8.3: Bridge rehabilitation at crossing 8

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