Leisure travel expected to resume in the NWT on March 1, 2022

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Yellowknife — February 11, 2022

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is announcing that changes to the current travel restrictions and self-isolation Public Health Order are expected to go into effect Feb. 28th, 2022 so that leisure travel can be resumed in the Northwest Territories (NWT) on March 1, 2022.


The change will mean anyone will be able to travel into the NWT with an approved Self-Isolation Plan (SIP) regardless of vaccination status. A SIP will be required for all travellers and will determine requirements upon entry after travel, such as self-isolation if necessary. Until the order is fully amended, SIP applications for leisure travel that are received prior to Mar. 1, 2022 may experience delays in processing. Leisure travellers are advised to  apply 7-10 days prior to their travel.


When the order change comes into effect, requirements for anyone who travels to the NWT will be consistent with those of NWT residents. All travellers will be required to abide by the current Public Health Orders in place when they arrive, such as mandatory masking, gathering limits, isolation and self-isolation as necessary.


The authorization of leisure travel signals the NWT government’s move toward ending all restrictions  in the NWT under Emerging Wisely 2021  as we move toward the end of the public health emergency and some associated public health measures.


GNWT’s intention in announcing this expected date in advance of seeing an anticipated downward trend in COVID-19 cases in the NWT, is to sufficiently allow tourism operators and the hospitality industry to make necessary preparations. Further details will be provided when available.



“This announcement is a welcome development for tourism operators and tourism-related businesses across the NWT. For nearly two years, the tourism industry has scaled down and pivoted its operating models to try to sustain its core business. The GNWT is keenly aware of the industry’s sacrifices and through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, has provided consistent support programs in an effort to help operators prepare for a reopening. We are looking forward to seeing NWT businesses and operators finally welcome back visitors and show them how spectacular our territory truly is.

- Caroline Wawzonek, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment


“We have learned a lot about COVID-19 and what public health measures work, especially being up-to-date on vaccinations. As we all learn to live with COVID-19 in the best way possible, we also aim to normalize things like masking, staying home when sick and other measures that have been proven to make a difference in protecting the vulnerable among us without having to rely on broad public health mandates.”


-Dr, Andre Corriveau, Deputy NWT Chief Public Health Officer


“We are very pleased to be able to welcome visitors back to the NWT again. This will allow the business of tourism to resume. Now the work begins to rebuild our industry in a safe way, allowing tourism to once again contribute to the economy of the NWT.”


-Donna Lee Demarcke, CEO NWT Tourism


Quick facts

  • 128,222 total SIPs submitted
  • 3,481 people required to self-isolate after travel between Jan. 30 – Feb. 8, 2022
  • Total NWT population fully vaccinated (age 5 plus): 80 percent

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