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Yellowknife — December 15, 2021

Further to the May 2021 announcement of the Polar Bear Diamond™ rebranding, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) today announced that Diamonds de Canada (DdC) has been awarded the Polar Bear Diamond™ license, allowing them to bring the iconic trademark back into the market with a renewed look and feel. 

In July 2021, DdC was successful in its application to become an Approved Northwest Territories Diamond Manufacturer (ANDM), allowing them access to rough diamonds from Northwest Territories’ (NWT) mines to prepare them for market. With the additional license to use the Polar Bear Diamond™, the company will now be cutting, polishing, and exclusively trademarking these NWT mined diamonds.   

With a new generation of consumers interested in knowing the origin of the goods they procure, DdC’s plan to create an exclusive and premium high quality and ethically sourced diamond will help underpin the NWT’s reputation as a leader in environmentally and socially responsible mining practices, with a strong emphasis on close collaboration with Indigenous communities in which the diamonds are found.

A unique agreement with the licensee will align the number of trademarked diamonds with the Canadian polar bear population, currently estimated at 16,000. DdC will cut a limited amount of the diamonds to both highlight the status of polar bears across Canada and create an exclusive profile of the Polar Bear Diamond™. The company will also generate new cut designs with certificates of authenticity, and security measures representing ownership through a proprietary digital records system called a block chain, providing immutable proof of quality and practice from the ground to the consumer.


“I am looking forward to seeing the first batch of diamonds with the distinctive new polar bear trademark. This is an opportunity to showcase the commitment to the authentic brand the NWT is becoming known for, whether it’s fur, fish, or diamonds, to name a few. The plans coming from Diamonds de Canada are just what we hope for in a partner in such an important part of our economy; one who understands the Environment, Social and Governance principles of working in the NWT, recognition of the beauty of the land, the skills and talent of its peoples, and the benefits of inclusion.”

- Caroline Wawzonek, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

“The Polar Bear Diamond will set a new line of limited-edition diamonds apart from the standard offering currently in the market. It will stand as a reflection of the Northwest Territories and the beauty and uniqueness of the land from which these diamonds are sourced. Polar Bear Diamonds will be more than just diamonds from Canada’s North; they will be infused with the story of its people, their culture, and their extraordinary art.”

-Benjamin King, Interim CEO, Diamonds de Canada

Quick facts

  • Diamonds de Canada will design, manufacture, and distribute new shapes of diamonds, which will be unique.
  • Each diamond will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This claim will be embedded within the grading report.
  • DdC has hired local workers with diamond polishing and manufacturing skills.
  • Currently, DdC is the only company in the Northwest Territories with the approval to use the updated Polar Bear Diamond trademark.

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