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Yellowknife — August 9, 2021

The Government of the Northwest Territories has identified three priorities for new waste management programming in the NWT.

These priorities are:

  1. Used oil recycling programs
  2. Expansion of electronics recycling
  3. Used tire recycling program

Working with the Waste Resource Advisory Panel (WRAP) and the Waste Reduction and Recovery Advisory Committee (WRRAC), these priorities were identified after assessing the human and environmental health impacts of landfilling and the feasibility of diversion programming for various materials.

New programs will be created to address these priority areas for the Northwest Territories and will be launching over the next three years.

Creating and implementing these new programs is a commitment under the Waste Resource Management Strategy and Implementation Plan to better manage waste in the NWT.

An expanded electronics recycling pilot program will begin in select communities in September 2021.


“These three waste management priorities represent the GNWT’s continued commitment to finding ways to help northerners better manage waste in their communities, keep resources out of landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

- Shane Thompson, Minster Environment and Natural Resources

Quick facts

  • The GNWT is committed to creating three to five new waste reduction and diversion programs over the next nine years.
  • The first three materials identified as priorities are: used oil, electronics and electrical products, and tires.
  • The next step is research and development to identify the best approach for each program.

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