GNWT Aligns Lease Rents and Fee Structure for Public Land

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YELLOWKNIFE (March 26, 2018) – The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has approved changes to lease rent minimums and to fee structures on both Commissioner’s and Territorial Lands as part of its continued work to modernize the two land administration systems.

The Department of Lands is making three changes, effective April 1st 2018: 

  • lowering the percentage used when calculating residential lease rents on Commissioner’s Land from 10% to 5% of the assessed value
  • increasing administrative fees, and
  • increasing lease rent minimums  

In 2014, the GNWT became responsible for two separate land administration systems which calculated rents and fees in different ways. This meant that NWT residents were paying different amounts depending on which government used to administer the land that they used.

The GNWT is working towards a land administration system that makes sense for all land users. Aligning the two different land administration systems is complicated work that will require several years to complete.

The changes to lease rents and fees create a clearer and more up to date system for land users, and ensure that fees collected by government are charged fairly and cover a portion of the costs for providing these services. These are the first changes to lease rents and administrative fees in over 20 years and take into account increases to the consumer price index.


“These changes to lease rents and fees are part of the Government of the Northwest Territories work to update and modernize how it manages public land.  As a government we are committed to making reasonable decisions to better align our two land administration systems and will focus on creating a more clear and consistent system for all land users.”
-Louis Sebert, Minister of Lands

Quick Facts

  • The Department of Lands has updated the lease rent minimum charged for both Territorial and Commissioner’s Land.  The new lease rent minimum will be $840 per year, effective April 1st, 2018.
  • Lessees who currently pay less than $840 per year, will see their payment increase to $840 starting on their next rent review or lease renewal date.
  • This change does not affect lessees whose annual lease rents are already higher than $840.
  • Fees which had not increased in over 20 years were reviewed in line with the consumer price index.
  • The Department is lowering the annual rent on residential leases on Commissioner’s land from 10% to 5% of assessed value.  This will mean that some lessees who pay more than the $840 minimum will see a reduction in their lease rent.

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