Increased Truck Traffic on Ingraham Trail (Highway 4)

February 2, 2018
Public Service Announcement

YELLOWKNIFE (February 2, 2018) – The Department of Infrastructure is anticipating heavy industrial traffic along the Ingraham Trail (Highway 4), 24 hours per day until the end of March. Simultaneously, the Yellowknife area continues to see an increase in tourism and related traffic on Highway 4.                                                                                                                 

Department officials regularly patrol highways in the Northwest Territories to monitor conditions. Additionally, we have increased the number of Highway Transport Officer Patrols to ensure commercial carriers are operating in a safe manner.

Drivers are reminded to drive according to conditions, particularly around turns, and to stay in their lane. For those wanting to travel Highway 4 to view aurora borealis or access recreational activities, you’re asked not to stop or park along highway. Please visit this page for information on safe parking locations.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Greg Hanna, communications coordinator, at or 867-767-9082, extension 31046.