NWT CPHO meets with education leaders to discuss school reopening protocols


Yellowknife — September 4, 2020

Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) Minister R.J. Simpson met via videoconference with Northwest Territories (NWT) Education Leaders, and the NWT Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) on September 1, 2020 to share information about schools reopening across the Territory.  They were joined by NWT Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kami Kandola and members of her team.

Education Leaders shared experiences from their first days of school. Education leaders were given the opportunity to again consult with Dr. Kandola and her team to ensure understanding of public health protocols and discuss their impacts on school operations.  Topics discussed ranged from health and safety protocols for students and staff, to what types of additional information would be helpful for parents and guardians.

The Education Bulletin that was recently published by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment will be updated as new information becomes available. It will reference information to help inform the public on health and safety protocols and resources available to the NWT education system.

Education leaders discussed how their communities are addressing the return to school. ECE continues to work with all education bodies on identifying and providing supports for health, safety and learning at NWT schools.



“The health and safety of staff, students and communities is our top priority as we reopen schools.  Our ongoing  discussion and engagement ensures that education bodies have the most recent and up–to-date information from a public health perspective as schools reopen across the Northwest Territories.”
-R.J. Simpson, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment


 "Schools in the NWT have now reopened.  There was excitement in the air, as well as some anxiety on the first morning of classes, however, many schools have now completed a second full day of instruction and everything seems to be falling into place.  School staff have worked extremely hard to comply with the approved school reopening plans and will continue to make the necessary adjustments until operations are running smoothly.  The reopening of schools was a team effort, and all contributors are to be commended for the thoughtful planning and care that was put into keeping everyone safe." 

-Simon Cloutier, CSFTNO representing all Education Leaders


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