Order Directed at Mineral and Petroleum Industry Amended to Reflect Relaxing Phase 2 of Emerging Wisely

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Yellowknife — June 25, 2020

The Public Health Order directed at mineral and petroleum resource (MPR) industry remote camp workers is being amended  to ensure workers residing in the Northwest Territories (NWT) are afforded the same relaxed measures implemented for Phase Two of the Emerging Wisely Plan.

This amendment will apply to MPR workers when they return from the jobsite to their homes and includes updating the social distancing protocols NWT MPR workers must follow while outside the jobsite. .They will still be required to comply with all other restrictions in-place for returning to and working at site.

The original Order directed at the Mineral and Petroleum Industry was developed while the NWT was in containment. The level of risk of exposure to COVID-19 for MPR workers living in the NWT no longer aligns with the level of social distancing restrictions placed on the workers. This has changed thanks to widespread testing which has indicated no evidence of community spread in the NWT, and good processes that are in-place to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 at jobsites.

All workers employed at NWT oil and gas, mining, and other remote sites that do not live in the territory are still subject to the same restrictions while they are no longer at the jobsite and in their home jurisdictions. This includes limiting social interaction to immediate household members inside and outside the home.



“Our public health orders are designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 as people continue to enter our territory from places where the virus is more prevalent. This amendment ensures all residents are able to enjoy the ease in restrictions that our territory is awarded as a result of the immediate actions put in place by the Chief Public Health Officer and NWT residents who played their part early on and made sure those measures were followed. .

- Diane Thom, Minister of Health and Social Services


Quick facts

  • The public health order directed at the Mineral and Petroleum Industry outlines specific social distancing protocols and behaviours which must be followed by all workers before coming to the job site in order to reduce contact with others.
  • The original Order limited activities to MPR workers such as getting haircuts or eating out. These activities are now allowed under Relaxing Phase Two.
  • This change only applies to NWT resident MPR workers and is simply meant to clarify that while these workers are at home they can also experience the relaxed measures already being experienced by their fellow community members.
  • Relaxing Phase Two of Emerging Wisely outlines specific precautions which must be taken by everyone in the Northwest Territories on things like:
    • Physical distancing
    • Household get-togethers
    • Indoor gatherings – like those in businesses or community facilities
    • Outdoor gatherings


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