Premier Cochrane announces Cabinet portfolio changes to support government priorities

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Yellowknife — June 8, 2021

Premier Caroline Cochrane announced the following changes to portfolio assignments for Members of the Executive Council today:

Hon. Shane Thompson: Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, Minister Responsible for Youth

Hon. Paulie Chinna: Minister Responsible for the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission.

Both Ministers retain the other portfolios already assigned to them.

Appointment orders are being prepared for the Commissioner’s signature and took effect at 5:00pm on Monday, June7, 2021.


“As a Cabinet we have been faced with a number of challenges, including a pandemic and more recently floods. Housing is our government’s top priority, and these changes will help support our efforts to improve the quality of housing in the Northwest Territories, while ensuring other government priorities continue to move ahead. Ministers are looking forward to continuing to focus their attention on the needs of NWT residents and the priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly.”

-Caroline Cochrane, Premier of the Northwest Territories

Quick Facts:

  • Under the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act (LAEC Act), the Executive Council is composed of a Premier chosen by the Legislative Assembly and persons appointed by the Commissioner on the advice of the Legislative Assembly.
  • The Commissioner, on the advice of the Premier, may appoint Ministers from among the Members of the Executive Council. The Commissioner may also revoke appointments as Minister on the advice of the Premier.
  • The Executive Council is responsible for the overall management and direction of the executive government of the Northwest Territories, including matters of policy.

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