Premier Cochrane on the re-appointment of Commissioner Margaret Thom

Media Statement

Yellowknife — June 14, 2021

Premier Cochrane issued the following statement on the re-appointment of Northwest Territories Commissioner Margaret Thom:

“I want to congratulate Commissioner Margaret Thom on her re-appointment as Commissioner of the Northwest Territories by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week.

“In the last 116 years, Commissioner Thom is only the third woman in the history of the Northwest Territories to hold the position. As a strong Dene woman from the Deh Cho region, Commissioner Thom has impacted the lives of many Northerners, especially in her home region.

As an educator, counselor, facilitator, and volunteer, Commissioner Thom has dedicated her life to preserving Dene Zhatie and the Dene culture. A residential school survivor, Commissioner Thom has contributed to the health and wellness of Northerners in a variety of areas, including post-secondary education, community health, and mental health and addictions treatment, to name a few. She has supported her community and youth through her work as a school community counselor in Fort Providence, and as a program officer with the Deh Gah Got’ine First Nation.

 “As our government has evolved over time, so has the role of the Commissioner. It was just over 30 years ago that the Commissioner would have been directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the Government of the Northwest Territories, holding many of the same responsibilities that I hold today.

“In her role, Commissioner Thom represents the interests of the North, and the powerful symbol of her role that unites us as Northerners. The demands of being Commissioner require a person with unique characteristics. To represent and reflect their interests, the Commissioner needs to know and be in touch with people all across the Northwest Territories.

“Commissioner Thom is just this person – she carries herself with dignity and dedication, and cares deeply about the institutions of government and her role. She rises above personal interest with such selflessness: a true representative of all residents of the Northwest Territories.

“It has been an honour and privilege to work with Commissioner Thom, and I look forward to working with her over the next year.”